Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pictures From My Trip

Here are some pictures from my fantastic vacation! The photos are from the first day of the tour. We went to Windsor Castle and Oxford University. Both places were beautiful and the weather was gorgeous so I was able to take a ton of photos. Enjoy!

Windsor Castle:

Oxford University:


Diane said... lucky dog; how great. These pictures are great. Thanks 4 sharing.

Nely said...

I am so jealous... sighs. I wanna go there. :D


Missy said...

Great pics! Thanks so much for sharing...glad you are home safe.

Kris said...

I loved Windsor castle - don't you just love walking around castles and thinking about what life must have been like to live in one?

Sue Jackson said...

Great pictures - looks like a fun trip. I would love to take my kids to England. Hope you had a good time!