Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW -- Favorite Blogs

Happy BBAW! The topic for today is favorite blogs. Below is a list of blogs that I love because they give great reviews on all sorts of books from YA and chick-lit to literary and women's fiction. If you haven't already, then definitely check them out!

Thanks to all the great ladies who run these blogs -- keep up the great work!


Nely said...

Yours is one of my favorites too Jess! Good luck on your BBAW nomination.


Sue Jackson said...

I was sick this weekend and spent a lot of time at the BBAW awards page, clicking on links to blogs I'd never heard of and exploring - there are so many good book blogs out there! And not enough time to visit them all. I voted for yours!


Cindy said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. Yours is one of my daily go to. I love checking out your posts.

Keep up the great work.

Literary Feline said...

Those are all great blogs, Jess, I agree! I enjoy your blog quite a bit, Jess. I've been terrible at keeping up with comments lately, but know that I am reading all your posts. :-)

Diane said...

I am familar with all of these blogs, and agree with you; they are just great (but so is yours Jess)!

Lenore said...

Excellent choices :)