Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reading Strategies?

I am currently reading a book for the library book club that I am a member of. I am struggling with this particular book and have been brainstorming ways to motivate myself to read it.

Here are the issues:
1. It is a paranormal book for a contemporary literature book group. I have read paranormal fiction before (love you Charlaine Harris!) but this book is very confusing and over the top.
2. The plot feels like it is going no where. Mind you, I am only 40 pages in, but we are still meeting the main characters and being confused by their possible 'powers'.
3. I (inwardly) groan everytime I pick it up. Not a good sign.

So I have 2 weeks and here are my ideas:
1. Divide the remaining pages over the next 2 weeks and motivate myself to reach my goal everyday.
2. Read 50 pages total, if still struggling then just go to the meeting without finishing the book -- life is too short to read books you are not interested in!

So what do you think? Do you have any strategies for reading difficult books? Please help and share your wisdom!


Sassy Brit said...

Hi there! Since it's not officially for review and you won't (in that sense) be letting a publisher or author down - I would try the 50 pages in total idea and then see how it goes. It is awful when a book does that to you, but you may find you are not the only one. If you need to dissect it, put your opinions forward to why it didn't work for you (Sorry, I guess you know that already!) but don't feel ashamed for not liking it. Like you said, life is too short!

Not sure if that is any help, but there is definitely something wrong with it, if you still can't get into the story.

Is it the 2nd (or more) of a series? It kind of sounds like it, but I'm only guessing.

Are there any outside factors that you can see are just hindering your ability to concentrate on it?

Like everyone who reads, I still have days where I'm just not in the mood to sit still and read.

I'm curious to which book it is, although I understand you haven't mentioned it for a good reason - I don't mind you emailing me if you'd like to discuss it further

I know, I'm nosy, but I would like to help too, if I can. :)

Jess said...

Hi Sassy Brit --

Thanks for the advice! No, the book is not for review, but it is for book club. I don't think that there is anything wrong with the book. I just think that it isn't a book that suits my particular reading tastes.

I don't think it is part of a series, but I will double check. The only outside factors is all the other books that I would rather be reading. =)

I just got out of a reading slump and it is raining like crazy here, so all I want to do is read!

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Sue Jackson said...

Ooh, tough one...I usually feel a sort of obligation to finish a book for discussion, although there have been some that I just abandoned!

I'd give it a little more time and if you still dread reading it, then give up! Life's too short and there are too many amazing books waiting to be read!


Shon said...

I really dislike not finishing a book. But I also dislike wasting valuable time on a book when I could be reading something else.

When I find myself struggling with a book, I commit to reading to a certain page. If it's still not getting any better, I will put it down and read something else. Then I will go back to the book. Sometimes I wonder if it's just the mood that I'm in and it's not the book. When I pick it up again and it's still not good, I'll stop reading.

It's a bit tricky because it's a book club selection. Have you read any reviews about the book? May be you're not alone with your feelings.

Hope you find a solution that works for you.

Jess said...

Thanks everyone for the great advice. I am going to give it another 20 pages and make my decision then. Wish me luck!