Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hooked on Hooked

I am almost finished with the fantastic Hooked: A Story of Love and Other Addictions by Matt Richtel . Don't let its Lifetime movie title fool you, this is a good book. Hooked is the story of Nat, a medical journalist whose dead ex-girlfriend passes him a note telling him to leave the cafe he is sitting in, just before it blows up. I know -- I had you at dead ex-girlfriend -- didn't I?

From there the story takes off -- Nat trying to put the pieces together of who bombed the cafe and whether or not his ex-girlfriend, Annie, is still alive. The story is wonderfully put together with great action and intriguing flashbacks of Nat and Annie's relationship. Throw in a cocktail of supporting characters, from an acupuncturist and her barfly husband to corrupt cops and a waitress with an arson record and you have a book that is a joy to read.

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