Monday, November 17, 2008

Meeting McLarty

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the book reading and signing of Ron McLarty at the Weaver Library in East Providence, RI. Mr. McLarty is the author of The Memory of Running, The Traveller, and his most recently novel, Art in America. Over the course of an hour, Mr. McLarty told the audience about his unique journey to becoming a published author. He discussed the struggle of writing 11 books and being unable to get them published. He talked about how he persuaded the books on tape company that he worked for to allow him to make a recording of The Memory of Running. But it wasn't until a chance encounter with Stephen King (and the article King wrote about The Memory of Running) that made the publishing world notice his work. Mr. McLarty entertained his audience by reading several passages from The Traveler and Art in America as well as discussing some of his inspirations for writing his new book. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet Ron McLarty and to see the passion that he puts into writing and reading his books.

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