Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Review -- Montana Rose

Montana Rose
by Mary Connealy
Barbour Publishing, 2009
318 pages

Summary: When Cassie Griffin's husband dies, she ends up marrying rancher and preacher Red Dawson before other area cowboys can claim her as a wife. Pregnant and alone, Cassie learns to love Red and their life together even as it is threatened by the obsession of local goon Wade Dawson.

Review: A fun story that is filled to the brim with scripture and lessons on how to be a good Christian, Montana Rose is a fun read. If Christian fiction is not your genre, I would pass on this book. There is very little violence and bad language and a whole lot of love thy neighbor. Even though I read very little religious fiction, I couldn't help but enjoy this book. Mary Connealy tells a great story, filled with interesting characters, and the pages just fly by. Rating: *** out of 5.


Vivienne said...

Don't know if it might be a bit too biblical for me, but the cover is fantastic!

Marie said...

sounds like a fun book. i don't read a lot of christian fiction but it might be a fun place to start.

Dar said...

This sounds like a book I'd like. As you know I like Christian fiction along with everything else.