Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Stuff -- 8/8

I hope everyone in bloggerland is having a wonderful Saturday. Lots to do today, so let's get to the books!

Question of the Week: Do you read author interviews on blog sites? Do you post author interviews on your blog?

I have posted one author interview a few months ago and was surprised by the small response I got from the post. I asked pretty generic questions, but the post was short and I thought the author's answers were very interesting. So what makes a great author interview? As a reader, what makes you stop and read?

Currently Reading:
Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (I may stop reading this, not really liking any of the characters, will give it another 20 pages or so)

Finished Reading This Week:
Already Dead by Charlie Huston (vampire noir -- not for the faint of heart)
Mona Lisa Awakening by Sunny (paranormal romance a la Laurell K. Hamilton)

Reviewed This Week:

***Book Recommendation: I am looking for a historical fiction recommendation. I would like to submit a review to the upcoming Bookworm's Carnival but read very little historical fiction. Is there a fantastic book from this genre that is a must read?


Mary said...

I haven't interviewed authors yet. What draws me to read an interview on a blog is if I like the genre. I don't read suspense, thrillers, etc. so I wouldn't take the time for that.

Historical fiction that I enjoyed: Pope Joan; Memoirs of Cleopatra (Margaret George); Helen of Troy (M. George); I, Mona Lisa (J. Kalogridis). If I think of more, I'll let you know. I list these because I learned so much from them and enjoyed the hist. fiction aspect.

Linda Ellen said...

About author interviews, I haven't interviewed anyone yet. I don't know what to ask, or rather, I don't know what are the right questions to ask. I still think about it from time to time, and one day, I'll break out of my shell.

I usually read author interviews on other book blogs, especially if the blogger is interviewing an author I've heard of or that they've written a book I am interested in reading. The answers are always fantastic. Some even take me by surprise. =)

Alexia said...

I never read author interviews, ever. I'm just interested in the book LOL

I really like Phillipa Gregory's books.

Jo-Jo said...

I haven't read a lot of historical fiction but I just loved The Last Queen by C.W. Gortner.

mdonsbach said...

Historical fiction is a huge genre, and it's hard to recommend a particular book without knowing what someone's taste is in fiction generally. You might like to take a look at the reviews on my website, With over 130 reviews posted, you're bound to find something that appeals!

Vickie said...

I haven't interviewed an author yet, not sure I have the chops for it. I read interviews on other blogs and I enjoy the ones that have one author interviewing another, especially when they are friends.

Historical fiction I enjoy are the books about Queen Esther. I read others, but that's the name that comes to me right now.

Dar said...

I do interviews and guest posts and no they don't always receive a great response especially if they don't come with a giveaway but I look at it as giving the authors some space to promote themselves and I'm ok with that.

My favorite historical fiction are both of Michelle Moran's books, The Autobiography of Henry VIII and The Other Boleyn Girl is a must read.