Friday, April 9, 2010

Review -- Powers by John B. Olson

by John B. Olson
B & H Publishing, 2009
I received this book for free from a member of book club.

Summary: After the Badness kills her grandfather, Mari is on the run looking for Jaazaniah the Prophet. Jaazaniah is a jazz musician who is unaware of the powers he receives until corrupt cops and the Badness track him down. With the help of some friends, Mari and Jazz work together to find her grandfather's treasure in order to eliminate the Badness.

Review: I don't think that I am part of this book's demographic. This book was not for me. I struggled reading it. I enjoy the occasional paranormal novel, but the mix of religion and science fiction was just too much for me. I was indifferent to the characters, who for the first 50 pages just seemed to run around and get dizzy a lot. About halfway through the story, I was starting to get into the plot and this world the author created started to make sense to me. And then... the main character refused to go into a building because she would be 'unclean' and the other character got dizzy and fell down. In one sentence, I went back to disliking the book. Overall, this book has an audience, I am just not part of it. Rating: * out of 5

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Scattie said...

I have read a few books which I have felt like that too. I don't think that I would have got on well with this book either! Thanks for the honest review.

Hugs xxx