Thursday, June 17, 2010

Library Journal First Novels # 1

In the latest edition of Library Journal, Barbara Hoffert spotlights first time novelists that have hot releases coming to your bookstore this summer. Of course, I had a fantastic time checking out all the books on the Pop Fiction and Literary lists, so I would like to highlight a few that caught my eye.

Perfect Reader

by Maggie Pouncey

Here is a description from the Random House website:

At the news of her father’s death, Flora quits her big-city magazine job and returns to Darwin, the quaint New England town where she grew up, to retreat into the house he has left her, filled as it is with reminders of him. Even weightier is her appointment as her father’s literary executor. It seems he was secretly writing poems at the end of his life—love poems to a girlfriend Flora didn’t know he had. Flora soon discovers that this woman has her own claims on Lewis’s poetry and his memory, and in the righteousness of her loss and bafflement at her father’s secrets—his life so richly separate from her own in ways she never guessed—Flora is highly suspicious of her. Meanwhile, Flora is besieged by well-wishers and literary bloggers alike as she tries to figure out how to navigate it all: the fate of the poems, the girlfriend who wants a place in her life, her memories of her parents’ divorce, and her own uncertain future.

This sounds fantastic! What do you think?


Darlene said...

This does sound good and I love the cover!

Yvonne said...

This sounds very good!