Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review -- The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson

by Stieg Larsson
Knopf, 2010
630 pages
*I purchased this book from a local bookstore.

Summary: When two journalists are murdered and Lisbeth Salander is the prime suspect, Mikael Blomkvist sets out to prove Lisbeth's innocence with the help of her friends.

Review: The second book in Larsson's Milennium series, The Girl Who Played With Fire is a fantastic read. I actually enjoyed this one more than The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because I had experience with Larsson's prose and story style and was not overwhelmed this time with the various subplots. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of characters whose names grace the pages and how much we learn about their personalities, quirks, and ulterior motives. Even though I was overwhelmed I could not put this book down. The Girl Who Played with Fire is a big read (600+ pages) but is engrossing and intense. Rating: **** out of 5.

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Kerri said...

I had a similar feeling about this book. Wait unti the third. It just keeps getting better.

Here was my Review of The Girl who Played with Fire.

Rebecca said...

i have been curious about this series. great review

Anonymous said...

Wow!! 600+ pages!! I've been wanting to read this series, but don't really like books over 300 pages. I love Stephen King and have Under The Dome, but it has over 1000 pages and I haven't started it yet.