Friday, March 13, 2009

Barney's Book Blog Unusual Title Winner -- 3/13/09 Edition

I probably haven't mentioned the fact that I work in a library (but I am not a librarian). Sometimes the titles I come across make me chuckle or just confuse the heck of of me. So the first winner of Barney's Book Blog Unusual Title goes to:

Phoebe Washburn: Regulated Fool's Milk Meadow

I have no idea what 'regulated fool's milk meadow' could even come close to meaning. I did figure out that it was an art book as I flipped through it. So I went to the Barnes and Noble website and found this:

From the Publisher

The young New York artist Phoebe Washburn creates environmental-scale sculptures made of common or discarded materials. Combining countless numbers of cardboard boxes or thousands of pieces of scrap wood to form undulating installations, Washburn's works tell the story of their own making, incorporating by-products of their creation into the final project. This volume documents Washburn's commission for the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin, where she constructed a Rube Goldbergian factory to produce grass for the project's sod roof over the course of the exhibition. This catalogue documents the development of the sculpture in the artist's studio, along with original source material and sketches, and features a career overview by Jan Avgikos, an interview by curator Joan Young and text by Rivethead author, Ben Hamper.

Have you ever come across a title that made you scratch your head? Or a title that didn't seem to fit -- even after you read the entire book?

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Jace said...

Hi there, Jess

I can't recall an unusual title right now, but I'll come back here when I have one to share. :)