Monday, March 30, 2009

DVD Review -- The Duchess

Summary: Based on Amanda Foreman's novel, The Duchess follows the life of Georgiana, played by Keira Knightly. Married unhappily to the Duke of Devonshire (Ralph Fiennes), Georgiana becomes a local celebrity known for her fashion sense and political views. She seeks comfort from her adulterous husband by falling in love with politician Charles Grey.

Review: I have to admit -- I am a little bias. I love a good period piece. The Duchess is filled with fantastic costumes, beautiful locations and is a great story. Keira Knightly is wonderful as the Duchess, etching out multiple emotions across her face as the camera stays on her during the quiet moments. I highly recommend this film, especially if the viewer enjoys a fabulous period piece that seamlessly combines the costume and pageantry of the time with a fantastic love story. Rating: **** out of 5


Jo-Jo said...

I also enjoyed this movie...It's been a couple of months since I watched it but I remember it making me upset. Women sure didn't have many rights then!

Forgetful Librarian said...

I loved this movie and so did my daughter. I agree with Jo-Jo...women didn't have many rights!