Monday, March 23, 2009

REVIEW -- Fool by Christopher Moore

by Christopher Moore
Published by HarperCollins
304 pages

Disclaimer: I have never read King Lear. The last time I read Shakespeare was in high school. So I was a little concerned when I picked up this book. Would I be confused? Would I not understand it?

Summary: The story centers around Pocket, King Lear's beloved fool, as he works to reunite Lear with his youngest daughter Cordelia. He just happens to have to use trickery, lies, and witchcraft (and well placed jests) to complete his mission. All the while, trying not to get himself killed.

Review: This book is not for everyone. The humor is crude and the characters are completely evil. With that said -- I absolutely loved this book. It was funny and outrageous. I didn't need a degree in Shakespeare to understand it. In the beginning I was a little tripped up by the language. By the second chapter, my brain had time to adjust and I just got swept up in the story. Pocket was a great main character -- rude, crude, brave, smart, and funny. The end was a little soap opera-ish (not that I minded) with characters learning about their birthrights and the ghost's true identity being revealed. Overall, it was a fun read that left me laughing.

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