Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DVD Review -- Twilight

Summary: Bella moves to Forks where she meets and falls in love with Edward (who just happens to be a vampire).

Review: I really enjoyed the novel Twilight, so I had very low expectations for this film. Very rarely do I like the movie if I enjoyed reading the book. Twilight, as a movie, was okay. I have some issues with the special effects, the white face makeup didn't look like porcelain, the shining of the skin was very different from what I imagined in my head, etc... The acting was pretty good. I liked Kristin Stewart as Bella and Robert Patterson was very moody and projected a lot of pain as Edward. Overall, it kept my interest for the 2 hours, but if I had more time I would rather just reread the book. Rating: **out of 5


Scattie said...

I have been ummming and urring over whether to watch this, but I may give it a go! I have tagged you to partcipate in a personal meme, you dont have to if you dont want to, no pressure!

Anonymous said...

This is my deal with Twilight. When I first heard about it I was dead set on NOT seeing it because so many people were obsessed with it. But one day I came across the authors website and decided to watch the movie. After watching the movie I fell in LOVE with these characters. I think the actors for all of the characters in this movie were perfect. You could not get better people. So because I watched the movie first I think I enjoyed the books more because as I was reading the book I was like Oh that happend or That happened but kind of differently. So because I seen the movie first I don't think I had my sites set to high like many other people. But all I know is that I have read all of the books and can not wait for the 2nd movie to come out. :)

This is just my opinion. lol. Sorry for the short story! HAHA