Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Talking with Anita Diamant

At last night's book club meeting, we had the privilege of speaking with Anita Diamant, author of The Last Days of Dogtown. Anita Diamant is from Massachusetts where the novel takes place and actually owns a house on Cape Ann -- the setting of The Last Days of Dogtown. To research the novel, Ms. Diamant used resources found at the local historical society as well as the Newton Public Library to give the novel the historical accuracy needed. Ms. Diamant told the group that while Judy Rhimes was the 'emotional center' of the novel, she felt that the key to her novel was the relationships between the characters. We also learned about her writing process and the 3 years of research and writing it took to make The Last Days of Dogtown the novel it is today. Anita Diamant's next book, Day After Night, set in Palestine in 1945 will be in bookstores this September. Thanks once again to Anita Diamant for taking the time to discuss The Last Days of Dogtown with us. We look forward to reading her next book.

**Next month's book club selection is Matrimony by Joshua Henkin. We will also be speaking with Mr. Henkin at our monthly meeting so look for my review and post detailing our conversation.


Jo-Jo said...

Isn't it wonderful when you get the opportunity to speak with an author about specific things about their books? My group has talked with a couple of authors now and both times were great! I'm hoping we will also be discussing Matrimony in the future.

Dar said...

That's awesome that she spoke with your reading group like that. It's great when an author will do that.