Monday, April 6, 2009

Jason Statham Mini-Marathon

Since I watched both Death Race and The Transporter 3, I thought I would post them together.

Death Race Review: Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) is wrongly convicted of his wife's murder and is sent to prison. The year is 2012 and the prison is run by a corporation that makes its money running a death race, a three day pay per view event that puts prisoners in cars armed with machine guns. First prisoner to cross the finish line alive wins. The warden makes Jensen compete in the race as fan favorite Frankenstein. If he wins, she will release him from prison. This film is very violent, very bloody, and somewhat cheesy. With all that said, it was very entertaining. Rating: *** out of 5

Transporter 3 Review: Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is trying to live a quiet law abiding life. Until the driver he recommended for a dangerous job crashes through his house and dies with two duffel bags in the trunk and a girl in the back seat. Frank is given no choice, drive the package or be blown up by the explosive bracelet strapped to his wrist. This film was awful, the plot was incoherent, there was no chemistry at all between Statham and his leading lady. Rating:* out of 5.


Jo-Jo said...

Death Race didn't seem like a movie that I would enjoy either, but I loved The Bank Job with Statham.

Anonymous said...

did you watch the 1st transporter? i am ashamed to admit i sorta liked it. the best statham movie ever has to be snatch though.

Jess said...

I did watch both The Bank Job and The Transporter and enjoyed them both. Actually, I usually really like Jason Statham movies (that is why I watched 2 in one week) but The Transporter 3 was really bad (even with very low expectations). Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!