Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review -- Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

by Elizabeth Gilbert
Penguin, 2007
352 pages
*My mom let me borrow her copy.

Summary: After a terrible divorce, Liz spends a year traveling in order to heal herself from within. She spends 4 months each in Italy (eat), India (pray), and Bali (love).

Review: Wow, at times this novel can be really powerful... and sad... and interesting... and funny. Author Elizabeth Gilbert takes the reader on a journey to find a balance between pleasure and enlightenment. The prose is wonderful. The author is able to express herself and explain the change within in such a personable way. I found myself feeling as though the author was a close friend. A friend who was opening up about all her anxieties and difficulties as she learned how to be a better version of herself. However, there were sections of the novel where I wanted to yell at her -- Who cares if you are having trouble mediating? YOU ARE IN INDIA!!! On a side note, I am also EXTREMELY JEALOUS, because who wouldn't want to get paid to travel to these great place and just work on relaxing, finding themselves, and being happy? I think she has one of the best jobs in the world. Overall, highly recommended especially for those interested in traveling, spiritual journeys, memoirs, and Italian food. Rating: **** out of 5


Sue Jackson said...

Yes, yes, yes...I agree! I really enjoyed this book, too. I generally like memoirs but I connected especially well with this one.

I even liked the part where she was having difficulty meditating because I've experienced the same thing!

Nice review -


Steph said...

I agree as well! I absolutely loved this book (especially the Italian section)and recommended it to a bunch of friends.

Great review!


Suko said...

Terrific review! I read this book two summers ago. I would like to see the movie.

Jess said...

Hi Sue,
I want to try meditating too! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Hi Steph,
LOVED Italy. I want to go there someday. Hopefully soon!

I saw the movie this week. It was very good. They did tweak the story a little but it was still very good.

christina said...

I have no desire to read this book! I've even tried. Oh well, just shows you that to each their own.