Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review -- Look Again by Lisa Scottoline

Look Again
by Lisa Scottoline
St. Martin's Press, 2009
352 pages
*I borrowed this book from the library.

Summary: When Ellen suspects that her adoptive son may be the kidnapped son of another couple, she sets out to find the truth and puts herself and her son in danger.

Review: In the beginning of the book, Ellen struggles to decide if she should look into her adoptive son's biological family to determine if he is a kidnapping victim. And she struggles. And she struggles. And her kid is whiny. And her kid has a temper tantrum. And she feels like a terrible mom. And she struggles. So I was really bored in the beginning, but about half way through the novel, the action picks up. All of a sudden, Ellen is tailing people and getting DNA samples all spy-like. And I can't put the novel down, it's so good. The ending was a little predictable but still a good conclusion to the story. Overall, the characters were okay, the plot was good, the writing was fine, but I most likely won't read another by this author anytime soon. Rating: ** out of 5.

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Sue Jackson said...

I recently read my first Lisa Scottoline, Everywhere That Mary Went, the first book in her very popular legal thriller series. It was enjoyable - not great literature but a fun read with humor and suspense.

I didn't realize she'd written other novels outside of this series. Thanks for the review!


Kat said...

I loved this book. I've read all Lisa Scottoline's books. I found a great listing of all of her books with a series indicator at:

Hope she keeps them coming!!

Jess said...

Sue --

I am glad that you enjoyed Everywhere that Mary Went. Look Again was enjoyable in parts and definitely was intense (especially the end). Overall, I just don't think this book was my cup of tea.

Kat --
I am glad to hear that you enjoyed this book. It's possible that my expectations were too high for this book being that it was a book club selection. Like I wrote to Sue, Look Again definitely has some good qualities but I was expecting more. Thanks for stopping by and writing your opinion. Just because I didn't like it doesn't mean that my readers might not enjoy it and shouldn't give it a try. Thanks again for commenting!