Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Paranormal Mini - Reviews -- Wicked Lovely / Tantalize

Wicked Lovely
by Melissa Marr

Marr creates an interesting world (bleak and dangerous), adds a love story (mortal and an immortal), and a wicked villian. A young adult novel with well written prose, Wicked Lovely is a fantastic addition to the "fairies are among us" genre. Rating:*** out of 5 (1st book in the series)

by Cynthia Leitch Smith

Fun premise (a murder in a vampire themed restaurant), interesting main character (seventeen year old girl who is in love with her best friend -- a werewolf), but in the end the plot gets very messy (what? and spoil it for ya?) . Rating: **1/2 out of 5


Trisha said...

I have Wicked Lovely sitting on my shelf but haven't had any desire to pick it up. Maybe it's time! Thanks for the mini-review.

Lenore said...

I like your to-the-point mini-reviews! Haven't read either one, so I can't say if I agree or not though.

Scrap girl said...

I have Wicked Lovely to read too. I have not heard of Tantalize before, but it sounds good.

Ladytink_534 said...

I loved Wicked Lovely but I haven't gotten around to reading anything else by her. :(

Jenny Girl said...

I liked Wicked Lovely. Very quick and the main girl(forget her name at the moment) was very likable. Actually they all were. Thanks for stopping by!

Kristen said...

Cute little reviews! I enjoyed both of them, but they were definitely flawed. I think I fell in love with Wicked Lovely more than Tantalize. You should check out Smith's other book that just came out - Eternal. It was quite good. About a vampire and a guardian angel.