Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Monday! What are you reading? -- 7/5

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! It is HOT here in New England, so I am cozying up to the air conditioner with a few books.

This week I have to finish The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters (have to find out WHAT IS GOING ON in that creepy house) and The Passage by Justin Cronin (over 200 pages in and completely lost -- no clue what is going on) while I have stopped reading The Host by Stephenie Meyers (it's a re-read) because I really need to stop reading three books at once and finish one instead. I really need to start The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon this week for next Tuesday's book club meeting. The Passage may have to go on hold until after book club.

What did you read this week?


Bingo said...

Please don't give up on THE PASSAGE! I had trouble at first as I had several I was finishing up and/or reviewing and thought oh, no, 700+ way. But once I started to read just it, I am loving it and yes, you do have to read just it as you will become totally absorbed with the characters. It is the first of a trilogy that is said to be THE next big trilogy to come along and I can believe it. I will be interested to see your reviews/thoughts when you finish. I only have one friend who finished it and she REALLY liked it but said it lends itself to a movie and also you can tell there is more to come as questions are not all answered. Good luck!

christina said...

Oh no! The Passage is confusing?! I've been on the fence with it since it came out. Still don't know...

Sue Jackson said...

I'm DYING to read The Passage! heard glowing reviews of it a few months ago on the Books on the Nightstand podcast (if you've never listened to it, you have to give it a try - it's wonderful!). They compared it to The Stand. I think I'll add it to my birthday list for this month!

I like to just read one book at a time, but I broke my rule today. I'm in the middle of Girl Who Played with Fire - and enjoying it very much - but decided to set it down for a few days and first read my library's selection for next week (The Sunday Philosophy Club) because my other two book groups take the summer off and I'm in withdrawal!

Stick with The Passage - it sounds amazing.


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