Friday, July 2, 2010

Disliking the Main Character?

As readers we all come across it -- a main character that we dislike or even avidly hate. So what do you do then? Do you give up on the book or do you push through in the hope of finding something about the character that is redeemable?

Personally, I am more of a plot driven reader. If you can give me a solid plot that moves along, then I am a happy reader no matter how awful the characters are. There are characters that I have disliked or even been indifferent too, but still enjoyed the book. Case in point, A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick -- horrible characters that do horrible things. I absolutely loved it. Another case in point, American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld -- doormat of a woman marries a ridiculous man who becomes president. I enjoyed this book as well. (Huh, I just noticed that the word 'wife' is in both titles. How interesting.)

Is there a book where you dislike the characters but still enjoy the book? Do you stop reading a book if you do not like the main character?

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Ali said...

I can almost always find something to like about a main character--I don't need someone to be especially likable in order for me to enjoy reading their story or thoughts. But if I really hate the MC, I'll stop reading.