Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Review -- Burn

by Linda Howard
Random House, 2009
384 pages

Summary: Jenner Redwine's life is turned upside down when she wins the lottery. As friends and family disappoint her, she seeks refuge in Miami. There she meets Sydney, a debutant with self-esteem issues. The two become friends and decide to go on a charity cruise for fun. But nothing goes as planned when Sydney is kidnapped before she reaches the boat and Jenner is forced to play a part in the kidnapper's plans.

Review: I absolutely loved the beginning of this book. The story of Jenner and how she wins the lottery and how it alters her life is compelling. It isn't until the second part of the story when Sydney is held by kidnappers that the story gets a little out of hand. With that said, this story is the perfect escape. Yes, the plot is a little far fetched and the romance is a little forced, but the characters are wonderful and the book allows your imagination to go places you 've never been before (let's hope). Rating: *** out of 5.


Stephanie said...

Sounds pretty interesting. Linda Howard has quite a few books doesn't she? I've never read anything by her, but might have to put her on my list ;)

Charley said...

I don't think this is my type of book, but I can think of some friends who might, so I'll keep it in mind for them.

Kelly said...

What is the elusive "something" that makes something feel forced to the reader? I just read a pretty good and funny book from a debut author, and I found that sometimes the dialogue felt forced to me. But for the life of me, I can't figure out why! It's kind of bothering me, usually when I think something's wrong with a book, I have an idea of how I'd fix it if I was the editor/author. But the forced stuff has me stymied!